Saturday, December 7, 2013

this week!

some things that are families have to decide on are: delaying children, having fewer children, having no children at all, having nannies or others take care of the children, childcare that is professional, 41 percent of children are born outside of mother- father marriage, and abortion. 
God loves everyone no matter what we do in our lives, and we can repent. We need to take responsible for what we do. if we are not ready to have a baby then why would be get pregnant and then have an abortion. if anything we should put it up for adoption. 

purposes of parenting are to help the kids: socialize, prepare for eternal life, provide discipline- teaching, guidance, benefit society, be loved.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

this week

communication is very important in family. when we communicate we share memories and and meaningful things with each other. we need it also because it is not enough for us to just share motions we need to hear the tone of how the person is saying it. We must be verbal in all that we do and say because without it we can take things in a different way than what is really intended. texting is one of the worst ways in my opinion to communicate why cant we just call or just go talk to the person in person. it is a better way than to just text because texting can be taken in different ways because we don't hear tone.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lesson 7

We learned about martial (physical) intimacy. Some of the challenges are time, critical of each other, hurt, or even just to tried. In a marriage it is okay to be intimate so make time for it.some of the opportunities are to learn to work together, learn consideration, feel loved, supported, and have a better connections with each other. We learned about Gottman's magic five hours which are, for 2 minutes x 5= 10 minutes part thoughtfully, 20 minutes x 5= 10 minutes reunions, 5 minutes x 7 days admiration and appreciation, 5 minutes x 7= 35 minutes affection, and 2 hours weekly date which all added up is five hours. I think that everyone should to the Gottman's Magic five hours because it will only help be closer to your spouse.

lesson 6

In this lesson you learn about the transitions in marriage. Like getting used to sleeping with someone else in the same bed, living space, bathroom space, learning how to share things, and many other things as well. There are a lot of things that we have to do differently once we get married. I know that my mom and dad said it was weird at first because you just aren't used to it but after a little bit you get used to it and it is normal to you.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

lesson 5

There are four different types of love. Agape which is not feeling based, Storage which is parent/ child love, Eros with is romantic/ sexual and passionate, and Phillia which is close, friendly, brotherly love. We need all of these types of love in a marriage because each one is different and all are meaningful. Ya sure Storage is a parent/ child type of love but that doesn't mean that you cant care for your husband or wife like you care about for a child. Love is a very strong word and with it comes these types of love and I feel like to have a happy and a great marriage we do need to have all four because you want to love them as a friend and be there best friend as well as have Eros love for them which is romantic and passionate without Eros there isn't  a marriage. Before we get married we go out on dates and a date is being paired off, planned, and paid for. Without the three P's there isn't a date and there are three P's for fathers/ husbands which are provide, protect, and preside. The fathers want to provide for there families and to protect them as well as preside over them.

lesson 4

we have a lot of differences oh what females do or feminine things are vs. what males do or masculine things are. Feminine things are associated with nurturing like being careful when playing with dolls like they are really babies and wanted to take care of people. Females communication is verbal and well as very emotional. Females will start crying over the littlest things in life especially when they are a mother and their little child gets hurts. Men are strong and when something happens to them they try and just "man up" because they don't want to be looked at like they are weak. Men are also very protective. They want to be able to protect there women and family. They are aggressive in play. They want to go and rough house, get scares, and prove themselves to be tough. In families it is like this as well. The men want to be the provider and they want to feel like they can protect there family. The females or the mothers want nurture her children and take care of them.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

lesson 3

In families you have the class and the culture. we can pick and choose what our favorites things are to pass on as part of our culture but class we cant. If we put our whole heart and mind into something and lean on the lord we can do anything. when we have the lord in our life and part of our family's life we can do so much more. What we learn in our family we will teach our children so that they can pass it on to their children. Which is part of our class level.
what are the purposes of families?
the two main purposes of families are to protect and to be unified as one.we always want to protect our families and we will do whatever it takes to do that. we want them to be same. we also want to feel like we are one so we have dinner together or have family prayer and scripture sturdy, and family game nights. when we do more things with our families we will become unified as one.